A NEW STICKER CULTURE in the metaverse world. META PYLON isn't just white traffic cones! Put your NFT collection on, peel it off, and stick it back again! META PYLON is your symbol, your own metaphor! :)


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Pre-Sale Oct

A limited number of 400 META PYLON NFTs will be available for sale to WL owners


Coming Soon!!


"META PYLON" is both an individual and a whole. It is information and symbol. "META PYLON" is the monolith of our time, and the human beings who come into contact with it will undergo a new evolution. There are various cultures. We have been moving back and forth between these cultures and reconstructing the world in which we should live. And within that small world, we have used "stickers" as a tool to assert ourselves. They collect them in large quantities and sometimes post them around town as messages, and sometimes as a way to show how good their taste is. sometimes they stick them on their laptops to show how sophisticated they are. To put them up is a status. Not removing them is status. The very existence of the sticker is status. Now, let's play around in the world of Metaverse. Let's put the new sticker called "NFT" all over "META PYLON"! Let's assert ourselves! Let's mount them all! META PYLON is a status itself!


META PYLON STUDIO is the world’s first flexible sticker customization system (patent pending). The user can customize their NFT on the META MASK by The user can change the tilt, size and overlapping order of the NFTs. The size and order of overlap can be specified intuitively. In addition, the customised visuals also change the appearance of the NFTs. And are reflected in realtime on-chain.

Customize it with your own unique flair!

That feeling of sticking your favourite stickers on your desk, chest of drawers or pencil case.Your sense of style at a glance.

it is a “META” Sticker

Just a sticker? No. META Stickers can be Variable angles, stacking order and size. For example.You can stretch one sticker to a large size to create an all-over pattern.

meta sticker

META STICKER is a series of NFT sticker packs distributed as a "sticker pack that you only know what’s inside when you open it", in collaboration with various creators in addition to the original META PYLON Sticker.

  • ・The sticker packs can be cut out in the shape of a sticker and the transparent data can be pasted on them.
  • ・The unopened pack can be kept for future use, or opened and pasted on.
  • ・The collection can be shown off, exchanged and enjoyed by the community.
  • ・Linked to the distribution of physical stickers, let’s go beyond the dimensional barriers.



Pre-sale for early adopters who got White List


Original Sticker Air Drop for Pylon Holder! Collaboration Stickers with various artists are also released


Release META PYLON STUDIO for early adopters. Create your own Pylon NFT


Put your own Pylon NFT in the Metaverse and play with it


5,555 Pylon NFT total number of Pylon Holders spread around the world and the world is full of Pylon Holders


The world has arrived where both light users of NFT and whales can show off their NFT using META PYLON.


META PYLON's sticker engine is patent pending and will be leveraged to create other NFT objects


In addition to the triangular cones, prepare various objects to which Sticker can be attached, such as bicycles, bags, etc.


META PYLON will create real objects with NFT stickers not only in the Metaverse, but also in the real world


Deploy actual META PYLON to users. The world of META PYLON will be completed by existing back and forth between the Metaverse and the real world

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Coming soon!
Coming soon!
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